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  1. Does the migration application work with Windows 10?

    Yes, the migration application works with all current versions of Windows.
  2. Which operating systems are supported by the migration application?

    The A2C Migration Application requires Windows XP SP3 or later and Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1. This includes Windows 7, 8 and 10. Mac OS and Linux are not supported
  3. I get the message "Unregistered Centre"

    This means that the access key provided to you by the awarding organisation is not authorised to send files for that centre number. Contact the AO for an access key for the centres you manage.
  4. Status says 'Server Error' or 'Proxy error' on one or more configured awarding organisations

    Please ensure your machine has internet connectivity and your proxy server is correctly configured. The only port the A2C Migration Application requires outbound access to is 443 so please ensure this is enabled on any firewall. The following addresses may need to be allowed through the proxy:
  5. I get 'SSL Error' on one or more awarding organisations.

    This means your computer is unable to verify the authenticity of the server. Make sure your computer is up to date, and if you're using Windows XP that you have installed the latest root certificate update. You can download the root certificate update for Windows XP here.
  6. I can’t see the files I am expecting in my inbox. Why is this?

    If you have just started the application you can force it to check for files by clicking on Send/ Receive. If you don’t do this the system will automatically check for files according to the polling interval you have set. So if this is set to 60 minutes, the check will take place 60 minutes after starting the application. This will also affect any files waiting to be sent in your outbox. If you don’t click on Send/Receive they will remain in your outbox until the polling interval is reached.
  7. The text in the application is distorted or blurry

    We are aware that some centres have experienced this issue however we have not been able to reproduce the problem. You may be able to fix the problem by following this guide.
  8. I get a permission denied when trying to download the access key from the Awarding Organisation's site, or can't find the link

    Some Awarding Organisations require you to be logged in as the centre administrator rather than a centre user or exam officer in order to download the access keys.
  9. Does this affect how I work in my MIS?

    No, the A2C Migration Application simply replaces the functionality of your existing carrier meaning all other processes will remain the same.
  10. How do I install on a network?

    The A2C Migration application is designed to be run on a single PC. If network sharing is required it's recommended to use a shared path for your Inbox and Outbox directories and leave the A2C Migration Application running on one machine. Please see your ICT Technician to configure this appropriately.
  11. I don't use EDI, instead I do everything on the awarding organisation's extranets. Do I still need to install the application?

    If you don't send/receive EDI files then there is no need for the application. You will be able to continue to use the extranets in the same way as now.
  12. I get 'Invalid Access Key' when importing the access keys.

    This is normally caused by a permissions issue. Make sure you have permission to read and write either C:\Documents and settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto on Windows XP or C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto on Vista or Windows 7. For more detailed information see here.
  13. Does the application need to be installed on a server?

    No, the intended use is to run on a desktop machine used by the exams officer.
  14. Does the application need to be running at all times?

    It does not need to be running all the time, though that is the suggested usage. The application periodically sends any files in the outbox to the appropriate awarding organisations and at the same time checks if there are any waiting to be downloaded. In this way it could be thought of as an email-like system, where you put files to send in the outbox and receive files into the inbox and hit Send/Receive. If you close the application and open it again later, you will not miss out on any data. When you start the application, it’s a good idea to click on Send/Receive. That will look for and download any files which have become available while your application was closed. Otherwise the first transfer will take place after the set polling interval has elapsed.
  15. Will the application provide basedata as well?

    At the moment there are no plans to distribute basedata via the Migration Application. To access basedata you will need get it from each Awarding Organisation's web site. We have collected the links to the download pages here.
  16. Connectivity problems

    Please ensure your machine has internet activity and your proxy server is correctly configured. The only port the A2C Migration Application requires outbound access to is 443 so please ensure this enabled on any firewall.
  17. Where are my acknowledgement (X) files?

    The new migration application tool acknowledges the receipt of files within the Logs screen under the Sent Files tab by indicating a 'Yes' in the Receipted column against each file sent. In addition AQA, Pearson (Edexcel) Edifact and WJEC will continue to send acknowledgement files, sometimes known as X files. The time taken to receive an acknowledgement can vary depending on a number of factors such as the exam series and the individual awarding organisation.
  18. I get an error "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135).", or another Windows error when attempting to launch the application.

    The A2C Migration Application requires the Microsoft .NET framework version 3.5 SP1. It can be downloaded from here

If you're unable to find an answer in our FAQs, contact details for Awarding Organisations can be found here.